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Plumbing Repair of a Leaky Bathroom Faucet

You may want to tackle some home plumbing repairs yourself if you are feeling ambitious. One of the easier repair jobs is for a leaking faucet. Most bathrooms sinks are not too difficult to access, which makes the job easier.

There are many different ways to mount a bathroom sink. Some sinks are mounted on a pedestal, more commonly they are mounted in a counter top, which may be granite of man made material. Sometimes there is a cupboard below the sink, which is ok, it just makes the access a bit more restricted.

The first step is to locate the water shut-off valve. In most homes, each plumbing fixture has its own water shut off valves, one for the hot water supply, and another for the cold water supply. In some older homes there man not be a shut off valve next to the fixture, in which case you may need to turn of the home water supply from the main stop cock or at the water meter. If the shut off valve is at the fixture, that makes life easier. Normally the water is switched off by turning the valve in a clockwise direction. In many cases they valve has not been turned for years and may be stuck in the on position, and may need a large wrench to get it started. Be careful not to damage the valve, or the job can become difficult and you may need to contact a professional plumber like plumberinplanotx.weebly.com.

Once the valve has been switched off (double check by switching on the faucet – no water should come out), the flexible couplings between the valves and the faucet can be undone. Only undo the end that it on the faucet, undoing it in a counter clockwise direction, again a wrench may be needed. Most plastic fastenings should only have been fastened hand tight, but over time they seem to get harder to undo. Once the connectors are undone, it is a fairly easy job to reach under the sink and undo the faucet locking nut, although sometimes a special wrench is needed if the sink presents a tight space to access the nut. Before removing the faucet, disconnect the plug connecting rod, so the faucet can be removed without the plug as well.

Once the faucet is removed, you have a couple of options. First by examining the unit, it may be possible to purchase a replacement stem washer. New washers are available from most hardware stores, although you will need to take the old washer with you to match the size of the new one, as there are so many different sizes and models, even from the same faucet manufacturers. Many people prefer to replace the faucet, at this time, as a brand new faucet helps improve the look of a bathroom. Replacement is a simple reversal of the removal procedure. Make sure all the connections are tight, and double check for leaks after switching on the supply valves, by placing some kitchen towel under the faucet to check for drips. If there are no drips, you have done a good home repair!

Video on repairing a leaky faucet