Plumbing Repair of a Leaky Bathroom Faucet

You may want to tackle some home plumbing repairs yourself if you are feeling ambitious. One of the easier repair jobs is for a leaking faucet. Most bathrooms sinks are not too difficult to access, which makes the job easier.

There are many different ways to mount a bathroom sink. Some sinks are mounted on a pedestal, more commonly they are mounted in a counter top, which may be granite of man made material. Sometimes there is a cupboard below the sink, which is ok, it just makes the access a bit more restricted.

The first step is to locate the water shut-off valve. In most homes, each plumbing fixture has its own water shut off valves, one for the hot water supply, and another for the cold water supply. In some older homes there man not be a shut off valve next to the fixture, in which case you may need to turn of the home water supply from the main stop cock or at the water meter. If the shut off valve is at the fixture, that makes life easier. Normally the water is switched off by turning the valve in a clockwise direction. In many cases they valve has not been turned for years and may be stuck in the on position, and may need a large wrench to get it started. Be careful not to damage the valve, or the job can become difficult and you may need to contact a professional plumber like

Once the valve has been switched off (double check by switching on the faucet – no water should come out), the flexible couplings between the valves and the faucet can be undone. Only undo the end that it on the faucet, undoing it in a counter clockwise direction, again a wrench may be needed. Most plastic fastenings should only have been fastened hand tight, but over time they seem to get harder to undo. Once the connectors are undone, it is a fairly easy job to reach under the sink and undo the faucet locking nut, although sometimes a special wrench is needed if the sink presents a tight space to access the nut. Before removing the faucet, disconnect the plug connecting rod, so the faucet can be removed without the plug as well.

Once the faucet is removed, you have a couple of options. First by examining the unit, it may be possible to purchase a replacement stem washer. New washers are available from most hardware stores, although you will need to take the old washer with you to match the size of the new one, as there are so many different sizes and models, even from the same faucet manufacturers. Many people prefer to replace the faucet, at this time, as a brand new faucet helps improve the look of a bathroom. Replacement is a simple reversal of the removal procedure. Make sure all the connections are tight, and double check for leaks after switching on the supply valves, by placing some kitchen towel under the faucet to check for drips. If there are no drips, you have done a good home repair!

Video on repairing a leaky faucet

Specialist Carpet Cleaning Solutions

professional-cleaning-truckCarpet Cleaning is an essential part of keeping your residence clean. Not simply does it lengthen the life of your carpetings helping them to last longer, but carpeting cleaning has to be carried out in order to provide to optimum health and wellness for you and your household. Once or two times a year, ideally you need to be helping yourself by having your carpets washed properly by a carpeting cleaner at the very least. Carpeting cleaning is not a high-end yet an important aspect to consider. Read on to understand what I suggest by this.

Carpets can hold stenches, microorganisms, gunk, animal hairs, crumbs, food down payments, grit, (grit uses the carpeting away) plant pollen, mold and mildew, dust, also fleas or fleas eggs. Could you picture the microorganisms and germs in your carpets if all these points are left in your carpeting to exacerbate or create allergies in anybody living at home. This numerous feature children, companions and even on your own.

By utilizing professional carpeting cleaners, you are doing the best for you, your household, and your carpetings. There are additionally portable carpeting cleaning services, walk behind carpeting extractors, and encapsulation carpet cleaners.

Most of the time we walk upon our carpets not also taking into consideration just how dirty they are. We eat frozen dinners, alcoholic beverages, sit on the floor, rub our bare feet on the carpeting, our pets stroll in from outdoors with sloppy sticky feet, pushchairs etc etc. As you can view our carpetings location reproducing ground for germs. Considering that carpeting cleansing is not something we typically assume about unless they look filthy, in a means we are unmindful of them. You may think that by vacuuming your carpetings daily it will certainly remain them clean yet this is not the situation.

By vacuuming your carpet you will only be taking out the surface area little bits. Therefore all microorganisms dirt and microorganisms will be remaining in your carpet.

Of course these days you can work with carpeting cleaning devices from your local High Street but there are numerous adverse points to claim about this. As you can view carpet cleaning is not very easy job and truly needs to be left to the experts in order to guarantee a comprehensive deep down optimum clean. People in some cases forget regarding their carpetings unless they look dirty or they have spilled something upon them.

Using expert carpet cleaning services, the industrial devices and the cleaning agent utilized will certainly penetrate the area of the carpetings breaking down the dirt with an effective anti bacterial option, conditioning, aerating and recovering the shades. Once your carpetings have been cleansed you can rest assure they will be left in excellent condition offering you have actually decided to have your carpets cleansed by an expert skilled company. See website for more details.

Right To Manage In A Development

The right to manage (RTM) using the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 is an important right for flat or apartment owners in Britain.

RTM in a development or estate

RTM in an Estate

If leasehold property such as an apartment or flat in a development is owned, then owners will take a keen interest in how the property is managed and the way the buildings are repaired and cared for. Often there is a common garden area and paths between the buildings and it is important to have good landscaping so the overall estate looks good. After all, owning a flat is a major investment and needs maintaining to keep up its value.

In some cases a managing agent is either overcharging or poorly maintaining a development, and in cases like these, the flat owners  can take the management of their own buildings into their own hands. That’s not to say that the owners will be doing the day-to-day maintenance, or repairs, rather that they will control the management, and decide on their own maintenance priorities, or choose the managing agent.

The way the right-to-manage process works is that the flat owners set up a limited company and then send in an RTM claim to the freeholder to takeover the management. Many owners have ditched a managing agent and saved money successfully all over the UK.

There is a complication in a development of multiple buildings in an estate. The RTM claim notice defines the premises to be included in a claim in Section 72 of the 2002 Act. This section deals exclusively with the premises to which the right to manage provisions apply, namely that they should be a self-contained building or part of a building.

This provision of the Act is open to different views on the definition of what the premises are. If a freeholder disagrees with an RTM claim, then they can issue a counter notice to dispute the leaseholders’ legal right to manage. In cases where the claim is disputed, the determining body is the government’s Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT), recently reorganised as the first-tier tribunal of the Property Chamber.

There have been a number of LVT cases determined around the country with conflicting interpretations of this section. Some have said that one RTM company can only manage one building (which is literally what the Act says) and some have said that it must have been intended that an RTM company could apply to manage more than one building.

In an attempt to clarify the position, permission to appeal has been granted in a limited number of test cases. In another case new provisions enabling a first-tier tribunal to refer a case directly to the Upper Tribunal have been applied.

So at the moment leaseholders are in limbo, not knowing which way the upper land tribunal will interpret the Act. At the end of the day, it makes a lot of sense to have a single RTM company in a development and have the apartment owners submit claims specific to their building, as then after the RTM company takes over the management can be consolidated.

Imagine the scenario with a small estate of 4 buildings around a common grassed area. It the Act treats each building as separate premises, then there would be gross inefficiency. For a small development there would be 4 RTM limited companies with 4 sets of directors and corresponding separate accounts and reporting to Companies House and the Inland Revenue. Then there would be 4 separate contracts with window cleaners, 4 separate contracts with building cleaners, 4 separate contracts with fire alarm companies, not to mention the difficulties of cutting the grass or maintaining the grounds. And imagine if there was a common electric entry gate – which company would maintain and repair that?

So the jury is out, so to speak, and we look forward to seeing the outcome of the Upper Tribunal decision, which will have a big impact on leaseholders going through the right to manage process.

painting a wall

12 Home Repair Tips

Here are twelve great tips for home repair and restoration:

• If you are knocking in a nail on a wall surface that is important, then rougher up the face of the hammer with rough sandpaper to assist the hammer grip the nail and prevent the hammer slipping off the nail when you are knocking it in.

• To fix a hole in a drywall wall after a screw or nail has been removed, make use of a screwdriver which has a rounded end, not a flat end. Press the handle end of the screwdriver into the existing hole that was there. Pushing down creates pressure from the handle and will make a small indentation that is easy to fill in. Fill this indentation drywall compound or spackle and once sanded down, there will be a smooth surface for re-painting.

• When painting a surface that should be topped brand-new drywall or wood colored paint, A good idea to reduce the amount of paint used is to color or tint the primer to match the finish coat, decreasing your painting task from three coats to 2. Most home supply stores will be happy to do this for you.

• If you have to trim a piece of drywall, use a sharp utility knife and score it on both sides before snapping the piece off. After use, the blade may need replacing with a sharper one for a good clean cut. When altering blades in an utility knife, wrap the old cutter in tape prior to you toss it away. When loading down the trash or taking out the garbage, this will coated the sharp edges of the blade to shield from injury.

• After completing your first coat of paint, to save washing out the rollers, wrap all your paint brushes and also rollers in kitchen wrap or plastic from the time you apply coats to keep them loaded with paint and avoid them from getting dry and going hard.

painting a wall

• Do not attempt to deal with electrical or plumbing tasks you are not positive about. It frequently costs even more to fix later and can be hazardous.

• If you want to drill though ceramic tile or even through a natural stone, place duct tape tape on the surface. This will help marking the place to be drilled simpler and helps the drill itself remain in the place where you want to drill down.

• When preparing a budget for a some home improvement project, make sure you add an additional 20% for unexpected surprises. You never know exactly what can happen when you start a new home repair task, often taking out some water damaged wood or panel reveals more work than anticipated.

• If you’re soldering copper in a tight location and you’re a little nervous about burning the house down (never an excellent concept), put a nail plate behind the pipeline so the flame arrives the metal and nothing else.

• See to it you and your whole family know where the major water shut-off valve is located and ways to turn it off in an emergency.

• Setting up a water filter that filters all the incoming water to a house will not only provide you terrific sampling water and of course ice cubes, however it can likewise extend your water fixtures from getting clogged up with grit or small particles saving you lots of expensive plumbing repair work costs!

• To test for correct water pressure you can quickly connect a water-pressure examination gauge to an outdoors sillcock or faucet, Open up the silcock and then on the gauge you can read the water pressure in pounds/sq inch you have in your house. Typical operating water pressure must be around 50 psi – 70 psi. More than 80 psi is thought to be too much water pressure by many building regulations, and can cause water leaks in your home.